How to Strick your Blog with Massive Comments

How to Strick your Blog with Massive Comments

How to increase your Blog Comments: When we create New Blog we love to see it grow interns of Traffic and blog comments. Every Blogger loves seeing his readers appreciate his effort through the comment on posts. Even in the modern world, we need others to comment so that we can improve.

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Below are killer tips on how to increase your blog Post comments


Your Content is not only the key but also play a big roll in boosting your Blog traffic and Blog Comment. When you publish low-quality articles on your Blog. It not only results in low audience engagement But also it affects your Blog traffic. and low comments. Quality and Unique Content attracts readers comments. That I have come to discover my self.

Permit me to quickly Narrate an Experience of mine.

When I Open my First Blog. Named Then I paid a visit to Now And when I checked through their articles I saw massive comments on all their posts. Then I asked my self "Could it be the admin is using some kind of tricks". This was exactly the question I asked my self that very moment. But as time passes by I have come to realize that there are no tricks involved. Just quality and unique content. You content affects every thing on your Blog. Quality content, result in quality traffic and massive Blog exposure.

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Learn to comment on other Blog within the same Niche with yours. NOT!!!! Spam comments but genuine comments. By so doing you are passing a message to the Admin and some will reciprocate by visiting your own Blog and leave some valuable comment as well.

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Benefits of Commenting on others blog:

If you really want to drive more traffic to your Blog. Then you should comment on other blogs. Especially if your Blog is new on, Blogger community may not be aware of your New Blog. So commenting on other Blogs helps to boost your blog traffic and also Blog exposure.

leaves room for questions and discussion:

A good starting point is to create a blog post that leaves room for questions and discussion. If you provide a definite answer at the end of the post, it is far less likely that people will interact.
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20 September 2017 at 13:18

Hello Paul,

Thanks for mention.
Getting more blog comments requires you share the love.
Visit blogs, comment on their posts, share and tweet and the likes.
you get same in return!
Its a win win for both

20 September 2017 at 14:28

Absolutely Bro. That is just the simple truth. Do to others what you expect of them to do for you.