Can You Make Money Blogging Without Google AdSense?

Can Bloggers Make Money Blogging Without Google AdSense

Can You Make Money Blogging Without Google AdSense Applied for Google AdSense and got approved. Then u felt that you have find the solution to all your problem. Learn to think outside the box and start developing your blog today. You can not depend on Google AdSense alone. So many bloggers out their believe without AdSense, it's impossible to make money while blogging. After been banned from the ads network the feel Blogging Without Google AdSense? Dream on I quit Blogging.

PAY ATTENTION: How to Use Ping-O-Matic to ping your Website

Embrace Affiliate Marketing and Direct Ads:

They are so many way to make money while blogging. And one of them is Affiliate Marketing and direct Ads. direct Ads depends on your level of commitment to your Blog. Their is no doubts to the fact that Google AdSense is one of the Best Ads Network in the world right now. But let me also remind you that you can never earn anything from this ads network with a low traffic blog.

SHOUTMELOUD July 2017 Google AdSense Report:

On July 2017. When the news of shoutmeloud July earning report boosted the blogging sphere. II decided to go through his earnings from 2009 to 2017. You can see the massive improvement. He didn't just do that at a ring tips. He actually worked hard for it. So be patient and work to was developing your blog first. Build quality Backlinks to your site and increase your domain Authority on Search Engines.


Just put into practice the tips shared above. And see your self at another level in your blogging career. Share with friend's and drop your thought below using any of the comment system below. Meet me on Facebook for more Tips to Spice - up your Blog. 

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11 September 2017 at 23:15

Adsense is good for both beginner and advanced bloggers. They don't require huge volumes of traffic before they let you in which is an advantage.

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12 September 2017 at 04:50

You are absolutely right. @Precious Mpundu. You can agree with me that without traffic is really difficult to earn from this Ads Network. That is why we need to work towards boosting our Blog traffic and exposure.